The Motorola DP2400 is designed to make it easy for individuals to stay connected to one another. It is ideal for construction sites and manufacturing lines where employees need to be in constant communication. It is one of the best digital radio solutions. This portable radio provides best-in-class audio. It comes with a variety of intelligent voice and audio announcement omponents that help to simplify communication in difficult work settings.

There are 16 channels on this portable radio. It is powerful and versatile and integrates two-way radio operation and advanced digital technology. This device can change the way people  communicate at your workplace and help you to improve safety and productivity. It is a non-display model that comes with 3 programmable buttons. It is available in both VHF and UHF frequencies.


There are several benefits that you can enjoy when you purchase this portable radio for your workplace.

Audio Clarity One of the main benefits of the Motorola DP2400 is its outstanding audio clarity. This radio offers quality digital audio all over your coverage region. It comes with unique features that are included to assist your personnel to speak and hear clearly in spite of their location.

Automatic Volume Adjustment

The intelligent audio feature adjusts the radio’€™s volume automatically. This helps to make up for any background noises that can make it difficult for your personnel to hear and speak. With this portable radio, you do not have to adjust the volume. You will be able to hear a call even when there are loud noises around you. If you are in a quiet environment, the radio volume will reduce automatically, ensuring you do not disrupt the people around.

Analogue and Digital Modes This radio allows you to switch between analogue and digital to suit your specific situation. The Motorola DP2400 has a mixed mode repeater that is designed to update automatic changes between digital and analogue calls. With this portable radio, you only need a single repeater to use these two modes.

Capacity Plus

This portable radio comes with an optional single-site digital trunking that enhances the capacity of the MOTOTRBO system. You can take advantage of this system for high volume data and voice communication. It can be accommodate more than a thousand people on one site. You will not need additional frequencies to accommodate several users.

IP Site Connect

This portable radio relies on an IP network to extend data and voice capacities. The IP network can be used to connect about 15 sites to allow communication among personnel that are in different geographic locations. This network also comes in handy when a company wants to increase area coverage in one site if there are physical barriers.

Linked Capacity Plus

This is an optional feature that is available on the Motorola DP2400. It is a multi-site digital trunking configuration designed for MOTOTRBRO platform. The feature is used to control the enhanced capacity offered by Capacity Plus. It also boosts the increased area coverage capacity offered by IP Site Connect to ensure employees who are in different locations remain in contact.

Transit Interrupt

This optional feature allows users to cut short other radio conversations to send critical communication precisely where and when it is required.


There are two privacy options to choose from when you purchase the Motorola DP2400 including enhanced and basic privacy. These are optional features that come with in built scrambling to give you additional security.

Missed Calls Alert

You do not have to worry about missing calls when you do not have the portable radio on your person. The device has a feature that allows you to receive missed calls alerts.

Busy Channel Lockout

If you are busy on a certain channel, you can lockout other calls from coming in to ensure interrupted communication during crucial moment.

Hardy Design

The Motorola DP2400 is designed for outdoor use. It is sealed tightly to protect it from dust and wind. It also has an IP55 water protection rating to prevent damage in case it comes into contact  with water. If you are thinking of upgrading your communication systems, the Motorola DP2400 is an ideal choice because it will allow you to use your current analogue system before you can migrate to a digital one. It a good choice to if you want to ensure a smooth transition.